Sci Fi, Drama, Adventure | 7 Episodes, 48 - 55’ | Completed


This mind-bending series, partly set in a near-future Qatar, begins after a rocket, designed to disperse thousands of metric tons of sulfur dioxide into earth’s stratosphere to offset the greenhouse effect that has caused the global warming crises, inexplicably fails and crashes.


In what first appears to be a terrible coincidence, the survivors of a bus crash in the desert just happen to be at ground zero of the crash. The survivors manage to make it to relative safety of an enormous cave - and are sealed in when the cave entrance collapses.


The only way out is forward - but to where?


Created by:
Ahmed Al Baker 


Directed by: 
Wayne Rose 
Jason Bourqe 
Ahmed Al Baker 


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Bannon & Ibrahim

Randall & Salma

Nick & Olivia

Sara & Saif