KATARA STUDIOS | Films Services



We are highly skilled and experienced industry professionals from all around the world. Katara Studios offers high-end production across the board. Our understanding of the local business environment and multiple international relationships within the filming landscape, coupled with our overview of the film profession, enables us to provide all clients with the quality and originality of all formats of film on a world-class scale. We offer full production services (pre-production, production and post-production) Moreover, we offer, Location Scouting and Management, Crewing & Casting, Shooting Permits, Legal & Accounting Support, Budgeting and access to the best equipment in the industry (Camera, Grip, Lighting).


At the core of Katara Studios’ on-line picture post is our renowned team of colorists utilizing Baselight 2 by Filmlight. A state-of-the-art Color Grading System used for the biggest international blockbuster films, TV series and commercials. It is the only one in Qatar and one of the best grading setups in the region. We are able to facilitate online remote grading for clients anywhere in the world. In addition to our premium grading suites, Katara Studios also has a screening room outfitted with a Christie cinema projector and screen.


This phase of post-production is truly where all are balanced together to create the overall delivery to the senses. This final stage of the sound process where we take the sound design with the composed music and mix it in with the visuals with great care and execution to create an overall experience that results in an overall experience of delivery excellence. We also offer live sound mixing.


With Katara Studios we boast an award - winning team who are able to bring your visual content to life with creativity and intelligent sound designs.We provide sound design services for all media content: web, TV, radio, video games, films and documentaries. Sound, without argument, enhances the emotions of viewers therefore we apply the most suitable sounds and music in a variety of arrangements using top industry equipment. Our team also create original foley and sound effect content to accompany all types of media as well. In terms of audio services, we provide: - VO recording- Dubbing- ADR- Dialogue Editing- Audio Restoration- Sound Design- Foley- Original Music composition- Mixing in Stereo and Surround 5.1- Mastering in Stereo and Surround 5.1- Deliverables for various platforms including TV, Digital and Cinema- Audiobooks- IVR recording- Podcasts- Audio Digitalization- Remote recording sessions- Brand Audio Identity- Dolby Atmos 7.1 Mixing and Mastering- 360 audio for applications such as VR Other services we provide that blanket over all forms of video, film, television and digital are:interactive entertainment, mobile apps, video games, navigation systems, telecommunications and advertising


Comprising of 5 Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premier Offline Suites, together with an experienced editing team, we are able to more than meet the needs of world-class storytelling and content delivery. Moreover, our Offline systems are connected to GB Labs shared storage servers which provides maximum security. Also, our high-speed infrastructure allows instant integration of offline data and metadata with our Grading and Online Tools.


Katara Studios also provides high quality VFX and Motion Graphics for TV, movies, documentaries, commercials and web projects. Our team of artists are able to take the project to the next level by combining content with world class graphics, motion graphics, and visual effects. Offering cost-effective services, we harbor the expertise & world-class resources to produce captivating content across all visual platforms.