Katara Studios facilitates complete motion picture production services for the ever-changing landscape of both studio and independent filmmaking. Locations, transportation, casting, set design and construction, crewing, wardrobe, post-production – we handle it all. Specializing in all moving media including feature films, commercials and television production and headquartered in Doha, Qatar, Katara Studios has also extensively produced in Europe.


With production savvy and experience, filmmaker-friendly philosophy and extensive relationships in all aspects of the business, Katara Studios is an invaluable partner to any film production. Reliability, accountability, dependability, experience and a proven track record are just some of the things that we are known for. With highly experienced Qatari, European & American production executives and the best local production managers in Qatar and Central Eastern Europe with years of major motion picture and commercial experience, Katara Studios boasts a winning combination that instills complete confidence in even the most discerning film makers.

We have proudly established a proven and valuable infrastructure in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, where production value can be achieved at one-third the cost of North America. Katara Studios is a FULL-SERVICE production service company, including post- production. Our brick-and mortar facilities are primarily a multi-studio music recording, mixing and mastering facility, as well as a full Dolby Atmos, 5.1, post-production facility, providing full picture and sound offline and online services for external clients and internally generated film and TV content.


To be recognized and applauded globally for premium film & music services. A hub of creativity supported by extraordinary talent and state of the art production and post production facilities. We will be heard around the world; we will break through barriers of language and culture to deliver our stories to the world.


Delivering artistic excellence, outstanding quality, cultural relevance and ethical standards. All our content will inspire and enrich our audiences globally.