This studio is one of the busiest at Katara Studios. The Live Room area is a large 340 m2 space which is acoustically designed by Munro Acoustics for orchestral recording. The main floor is an exclusively designed resonant floor in conjunction with Kahle Acoustics for symphonic projects & built with solid oak wood for the best sonic advantage. There are three recording booths and an orchestral hall with a capacity of up to 100 musicians. There is also a choice of Steinway & Sons Concert D & Yamaha C7 grand pianos. The control room is built around a 96 channel Neve 88R analogue console with a full scoring panel and stem mixer options. This is combined with a 7.1.4 PMC BB5 XBD/ MB2S Active Surround Dolby Home Atmos monitoring system and the highest spec of digital convertors and Pro Tools systems.  The control room features as well the classical monitoring standard by Bowers & Wilkins Series 800 Diamond in 5.1. Will also will have a Bowers & Wilkins Series 800 Diamond 5.1 setup. We are proud to say that it is one of the most comprehensively equipped studios in the world, furbished with one of the largest & most varied microphone collections for any range of music recording tasks.



Regarded as a world-class recording facility that can house up to 20 musicians. With two large isolation booths, Studio 2 is primarily focused on smaller ensemble recordings of the highest standards. The control room features an ‘audiophile’ analogue API 80 channel Vision Console and has a full range 5.1 MB2S Active surround system by PMC. The trustworthy control room acoustics rank alongside the best mixing rooms in the world. It is capable of mixing for television and film when requested but it's primarily in operation for international audiophile music producers, with its comprehensive collection of the best analogue and digital outboard gear.



Studio 3 is a fully fledged Dolby Home Atmos, running a full set of PMC MB2S Active monitors. This studio is   specified with the same configuration of the AVID System 5 digital mixing console. This studio is a multi-purpose mixing room capable of taking any work from either of the main recording studios and producing 5.1 surround mixes. It also has a small booth for single music instrument overdubs and additional dialogue work. This booth is fitted with Foley pits for sound effects work and in addition to this music work, the console also 'project shares' with audio post. This allows us to take on audio post projects in a true multi room fashion and provide an efficient fast track service.



Being the largest Dolby Atmos Dubbing Theatre in the Middle East, this room is regarded as the flagship of the audio post production services offered. It is specified to meet all requirements of Dolby Atmos Feature Film mixing. As well as its 72 Channel AVID System 5 with the most powerful mixing engine DSP DF70 SuperCore it features a 4K ready Christie CP2220 cinema projection system. Audio monitoring by Meyer is specified for the latest Dolby ATMOS standard. This is one of the first dubbing theatres in the region specified to this standard. The intercompatibility of this theatre with Studio 3 and three preparation/editing & composer suites gives us a powerful inhouse setup capable of delivering to the highest standards everything from pre-production and composing to post-production. It is unrivalled by any other audio post facility in the Middle East and with on-site broadband high-speed access to the internet it is capable of receiving and delivering work to anywhere in the world. The dubbing theatre is also available as an exceptionally high-quality reference theatre for Director's screenings.


The mastering suite has been specified to the highest international standards. It features full range 5.1 monitoring system running PMC's flagship BB5 fully weighted monitors (from PMC) together with Sadie, Pyramix and Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstations. "It boasts screens and full site networking to allow quality control work for video and also has fully colored calibrated 55" monitors. Mastering is also equipped to cater for all the diverse formats and projects that the market demands. The custom console is fitted with Maselec Stereo & Surround analogue master transfer and monitor system, which is fitted with a varied range of calibrated “state of the art” analogue outboard processors from Maselec, GML, Manley, Elysia and Weiss amongst others. There is also included analogue mastering from tape with the amazing and unique ATR-102 ARIA tape recorder, stereo mastering for CD/ Dolby Digital and 5.1 Surround Sound to picture. Last not least Internet Mastering is also a great option on offer.


Shakeeb studio, with its large recording booth, is very popular for recording audio books, podcasts, as well as overdubs and is usually always popular due to facilitating a Virtual Set Editor.


Our editorial consists of four Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Offline, as well as one online Suite. Our editorial systems are connected to GB-Labs shared storage servers providing high bandwidth bidirectional access and maximum security. High speed infrastructure allows instant integration of offline data and metadata with our Color Grading and Online Tools.


At the core of Katara Studios DOLBY VISION CERTIFIED facility is our exciting Filmlight Baselight 2 system. A state-of-the-art color Grading System that has been used for the biggest international blockbuster films, TV series and commercials. It is the only one available in Qatar and one of the best Grading setups in the region. Furthermore, we are able to do online remote Grading from anywhere in the world. Due to having a centralized machine room we're offering feature film grading in our Dolby Atmos dubbing theatre with the Christie CP2220 cinema projector.